Linksys - BEFCMUH4 Router Login Details - Username, Password With IP Address

Default IP for BEFCMUH4 Login Admin

Based on your local ip address, pick the correct IP address from the list above and click Admin. You should be redirected to your router admin interface.

Linksys - BEFCMUH4 Router Login

Linksys – BEFCMUH4 Router can be accessed using the default IP address to get through the control panel. Use the brand offered IP address to navigate through the login interface and present the default Username and Password.

For effective use of the internet services, you must get into the network settings and set the values according to the requirements. However, sometimes the brand model you use fails to specify the defaults. Hence, you can opt for the most common combinations we offer below.

Username: admin or leave it blank

Password: admin or leave it blank

IP Address:,,

Linksys - BEFCMUH4 Router Login Steps

It becomes easy to set up the router and configure it according to the requirements when you can have access to the control panel interface of your router. The below steps will guide you through the process of how you can modify the settings and personal information.

  1. Get the router plugged into a power supply first.
  2. Now once the router turns On, pair it with your PC or Laptop or any Mobile device through Ethernet cable or WiFi.
  3. As soon as the connection is established, open any web browser of your choice and navigate yourself to the IP address: http//:
  4. The admin login interface will require you to mention the default Username and Password. Look for these credentials underneath the router’s bottom surface or the user manual offered with the model by the brand. However, if not found, then try using the above-mentioned frequently used values.

A successful admin panel login will grant will allow you to look at all the factory-set default settings and hence you can modify, alter, configure, and setup them up as per your network requirements.

Linksys - BEFCMUH4 Router Suppor

You might experience some minor technical problems while you configure your router sometimes. Problems and solutions to such are offered underneath this quick guide.

  1. Admin panel Not Loading: This might be due to the poor network connection or when you are not properly connected to the router. Also, you must check whether you have entered the correct IP address or not. Your IP address should not contain any alphabets and no spacing as well in between the digits.
  2. Forgot your Login Credentials: Quite obvious and common issue is forgetting the username or Password or even both. Not to worry. All you need is to factory reset the router using a tiny push-button present on your router itself. Press and hold it for 30 seconds with a Pen or Pin.

These are some of the quite common issues that any user might face. However, if you still can’t track the issue, then we recommend you contact the technical support team of the brand.