3Com router login

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Every router has a unique IP address and a set of default login credentials to use while getting into the admin panel to set up the device. Your 3Com router has its values as well. You can look at the router’s bottom surface for these credentials. However, if you are unable to locate then, Check sone of the IPs from the list below:


These are some of the IPs that your 3Com router might support to navigate through the admin panel’s login interface.

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To set or modify any of the router’s personal and default settings such as username/password, network settings, etc. a login must be granted first under the admin panel. A step-by-step guide to assist you is stated below.

  1. Get your router plugged into a power supply and connect the same with your PC or laptop through an Ethernet cable or WiFi.
  2. Launch any one of your preferred web browsers and type in the 3Com router’s default IP address in the address bar of it. Look for the same below your router’s surface or try one from the above list.
  3. Once you see the user interface for your router’s login, present the username and password in the blank fields and hit the login button. These credentials are beneath the router’s surface or use a combination from the below list.

Username: admin, 1234 or leave it blank

Password: admin, 1234 or leave it blank

After getting into the admin panel, you will be able to modify the network settings and personal settings both.

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Setting up your router is as easy as the login process. A quick guide is shared with you below on how you can set up the router manually.

  1. First, get the router connected and grant admin panel access through the login process.
  2. Check for an option called Quick Setup and opt for the network settings as per your preference.

After choosing the network settings, click on the Save button to complete the setup process.

3Com router configuration

Configuring your 3Com router is also an easy task to perform. All you need is to get a grant to the admin panel to begin. Once the access is granted, navigate through the option called Several Router Settings. This is where you can Enable or Disable the DNS and tri-band settings as per the requirements.

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After getting into the admin panel of your router, the first job will be to change the default router credentials with something strong values. Steps on how to perform such changes are mentioned below.

  1. Check for System Tools/Settings.
  2. Click on the Password radio button under the sub-menu.
  3. Verify your default credentials.
  4. Set the new values.
  5. Save the values to end the process and restart the router.

Your WiFi password can also be updated by navigating through the Wireless Security option.

[descriptionbox descriptiontitle=”3Com Router Factory Reset”]

Sometimes your router might be dysfunctional due to network settings. This issue can be resolved by performing a Factory reset.

  1. Look for the small reset button underneath your router.
  2. With the use of a Pen or Paper clip, press the button for approximately 30 seconds.
  3. Check the LEDs on the device are blinking or not. If yes, this means your router is resetting.
  4. Now restart your router after another 30-40 seconds to complete this factory reset process.

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Firmware updates improve the overall performance and security of your router’s network. You can either do this automatically whenever you connect or manually as well as guided below:

  1. Get yourself updated with your router’s model number and version so that you can download the right firmware.
  2. navigate yourself to the 3Com support section online and download the right version after accepting the license agreement.
  3. Now access the router’s admin panel using any available web browsers and go to the Administration tab.
  4. Click on the Firmware Update and then the Browse button.
  5. Locate the downloaded firmware file on your device and then click Open.
  6. Click on the Start Upgrade button and wait for the process to end.
  7. Turn your router OFF and ON to finish the upgrade.

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Tried all that is mentioned above but still, the problem persists? We recommend you to check some common issues for your router’s troubleshooting first.

  1. IP address Issue: Look for the default IP address of your router carefully. There should be no alphabets in it and no spacing in between. If you are unable to locate the IP address for your router, then try some of the default IP addresses stated above for the 3Com router’s admin panel.
  2. Forgot Login Credentials: Sometimes you may forget the set values of your router’s login. This is quite common. All you need to do now is to reset the router back with its factory defaults. This hard reset will bring the router back to the state as it was first brought. Now you can use the default login credentials again to login and set your new user credentials.
  3. Router Admin Not Working: Such an issue might be due to the poor connection or network settings you have set. Troubleshoot this by checking your router’s connection with your device through WIFI and Ethernet both and try restarting the router again.