Why is my Internet Slow?

Top 6 methods to cope with a Slow Internet Connection

There is nothing more annoying than having a fantastic Wi-Fi or Ethernet link, however slow internet speed. Below are some ideas to troubleshoot, correct, to simply overcome a slow internet speed.

1. Check your internet plan

At times, your internet connection is slow as you’re repaying for crappy internet. Log into your provider’s website and discover what plan you have. Now visit fast.com or any other alternate sites and does a speed test. The best way to speed up your internet is to upgrade your plan.

2. Give your hardware the universal fix

Check your router & modem &do a quick reset and observe if that works. Examine the other PCs in your home to observe if their internet is slow. If the issue only occurs in one PC, the issue is that PC, not your modem or router.

3. Fix your Wi-Fi signals

Talking of Wi-Fi, you may notice that your internet &router are fine; still your wireless signals are weak. This could produce ago-slow—or, at lowest, a dormancy-filled browsing experience. Then, you might require moving, tweaking, and boosting your router with some techniques.

4. Switch off or restrict bandwidth-hogging apps

If the hardware appears to be in working order, observe if any additional programs are dominating the connection. For instance, if you download files with BitTorrent, usual web browsing will be slower. You must even try to install extensions such as Privacy Badger& AdBlock Plus that will block few of the bandwidth-dominating ads, videos &animations, which may consume your connection.

5. Use a latest DNS server

While you write an address into the browser, your PC uses somewhat known as DNS to search & interpret that into a PC-responsive IP address. At times, although, the servers your PC use to search that info may have issues, or entirely go down. Fortunately, you have lots of quicker, free choices to use, such as Cloud flare or Google DNS.

4. Contact your internet supplier

If you’ve undergone all the essential troubleshooting steps & your internet is yet slow, then it’s time to contact your internet supplier & view if the trouble is on their end. Note: don’t just presume they’ve done anything incorrect and treat your client service rep with regard. You’ll surely get great results specifically if they’ve been providing you the incorrect speeds all this while.

5. Improve the web for a slow connection

Troubleshooting slow internet may take some time, and in the interim you still require browsing. Or perhaps you’re at a cafe or on a flight, and there’s nothing you can do on the slow speed. So therefore, it’s time to boost your web for a slow connection.

6. Work smarter

If you must get work completed on the slow connection, you might need to select tasks differently than if the internet was superfast. Divide your tasks into bandwidth-light as well as bandwidth-heavy ones. When you’re on the slow connection get the light ones done & collect all the bandwidth-heavy tasks jointly so you may do them once you get a faster connection.

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