The Medialink router is observed as wireless router since it provides the Wi-Fi connectivity. Just wireless or Wi-Fi just allows to link several tools for example smart televisions, wireless printers, & Wi-Fi permitted smartphones.

MediaLink Router Password Tips:

  • Select an intricate & tough-to-guess passkey for your MediaLink that just you will recollect.
  • It must be something private, for example ilostmyvirginity@20, means you can never fail to recall it.
  • The volume of safety depends directly on the passkey intricacy, and the efforts taken to safeguard the passkey of your router.
  • Usability first
  • Provide the Passkey for the router which you will recall (usability first). Needless to say, you can create a complicated confuse passkey with different characters, numerics, greek plus latin. However in the end you will end up entering it on a sticky & put it on the router that beats the purpose.
  • Alter Default Wifi name (SSID) & Passkey plus enables Network Encryption
  • An additional small advice (as it has no effect on safety), is to alter the Default Wifi (SSID) name as it will be more understandable for others to know what network they are linking to.


• Search for – Advanced Setting (discovered in the menu box at the top of homepage), & press on it

• Search for – Wireless Setting (seen in the menu box at the top of homepage), & hit on it

• Search for – Basic Wireless Setting (seen in the menu box at the top of homepage), and hit on it

Search for Network Names (SSID), this is the Wi-Fi name of the Router. After you write the network name, you have to allow WPA2-PSK encryption on the router. This is the toughest encryption standard obtainable for homebased networks.

Input a recent WPA Pre-Sharing Key / WI-Fi Passkey – this is the passkey which you will use to link to the homebased Wi-Fi. Make it 15-20 fonts and don’t use the same passkey which you have used for MediaLink router login.

MediaLink router login problems:

MediaLink Passkey Doesn’t function

  • Passkeys find a way to not function! Or, in many events, clients find a method to disremember them. In both cases, look up the “How to Reset the MediaLink Router to Default Setting” section.

Forgot Passkey to MediaLink Router

  • Whether or not if you have altered the default usernames or passwords of MediaLink & forgot it, just see “How to Reset the MediaLink Router To Default Setting” section.

Reset the Router to Default Settings

  • As, safety of a network is crucial, the first & foremost job is to alter the MediaLink router Default Login & Passkey to something very secure & personal.

Follow the commands to login to the Medialink Router.

  • Link the router wire to the Laptop or PC. …
  • Visit the web browser of selection & write IP address of the Medialink router in the address box. …
  • Next write the default usernames & passwords of the router to access the admin console. Now you are logged in.

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