Setup TP-Link Router

A router is a box which grants numerous PCs, smartphones, &much more to join the identical network.typically,the router is joined from there to the modem to provide an Internet linking to any gadget which is linked to the router. This manual tries to assist you through the initial time Setup of TP-Link Router.

In the container you might have few things:

  • The router’s chargeror power supply
  • Deviceinstruction booklet
  • USB cable (for few makes)
  • Driver disc (for few makes)
  • Network cable (for fewmakes)
  • TP-Link Router Setup

If you have purchased a latest TP-Link Router, so configuring the router & setting it up is very simple. You may effortlessly set up the new TP-Link Wi-Fi router & can use it.

Note: To link to the internet, the router should be linked to the data jack or active modem.

To set up the new TP-Link Router adhere to this guide

  • Switch on the router &link your computer to the router with an Ethernet cable.
  • Once linked, visit the web browser &go to or
  • Set the router login password by writing it two times. It is better to keep it only– “admin “.
  • Hit on Let’s Get Begun/Login.
  • Immediately, follow the on-line commands & configure the Internet & Wireless Network with the Swift Setup choice.
  • Write the (SSID) name for the Wireless Network in the field & also, set a passkey to secure the Wi-Fi networks.
  • So, you can end the process, once you join the Wireless Connection by the SSID with the password.

Advanced Arrangements:

  • Switch off the router,modem, and PC.
  • Connect the modem into the WAN port of the TP-Link router through the Ethernet cable; link a PC to TP-Link router’s LAN port thru the Ethernet wire.
  • Switch on the router & PC firstly & next modem.

Step 1

Login to the web-based management web page of router. please refer to

Step 2

Configure Typeof WAN Connection

On the management web page of router, press Network > WAN on the web page on left:

Alter the Type of WAN Connection to PPPoE.

Step 3

Write the PPPoE username & password that are offered by the ISP.

Step 4

Press Save for saving your settings, later the router will be connected to Internet after some time.

Step 5

Await few seconds & verify the WAN port on the Status web page, if it reveals some IP address, which indicates the connection among the Router & the Modem is founded.

Step 6

If there isn’t a WAN IP address & no internet approach, just perform a Power Cycle as below:

  • 1.  firstly Turn off the DSL modem & turn the router &PC off, &keep it off for around two minutes;
  • 2.  Now Turn on the DSL modem, await till the modem gets set, then switch on the router & your PC again.

Step 7

With the Ethernet cable connect to the key router of your TP-Link router via their LAN ports. All additional LAN ports on the TP-Link N router will now give Internet access to devices.

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