By Huawei 5G- driven exclusive aerial & algorithm technologies, Wi-Fi 6 sequence of products of Huawei AirEngine help businesses to create Wi-Fi 6 networks minus coverage holes, offer services with no delaying time, and attain no packet loss while roaming. This lets different areas, as well as digital airport, digital education, omni-channel investment, smart government, smart healthcare, and smart manufacture, moving towards a completely wireless campus age.

Huawei is the foremost dealer to circulate Wi-Fi 6 products & enter them into business use. Till date, Wi-Fi 6 Huawei AirEngine APs have been used in 5 areas all around the globe.

As the top telecommunication tools supplier, Huawei has contributed numerous LTE 4G routers to the network suppliers universal. And many of them acquire great standing from the end-clients as per high quality & steady performance. Through high performance-cost ratio, 4G wireless Huawei routers by SIM card & Ethernet port turn into renowned in Middle East, Asia, Europe,   American areas & Africa. The 4G Mobile Huawei Routers are especially popular with clients because of the high-quality workmanship & stylish fashion designs in pocket size for use underway.

With the expansion of wireless LTE networks, Huawei even offered creations of its LTE routers to encounter latest LTE Pro Advanced technology with compatibility of different networks. And the recent generations of LTE Huawei routers are turning gradually grow with more fashionable factors. The most vital is the LTE Huawei Router by Ethernet port & SIM card slot or mobile LTE hotspots offer more reliable & stable performance for end-clients.

This hand book refer to an EchoLife HG520s Huawei router, still will apply to the majority of Huawei routers on the whole.

  • Go to the IP address router in a recent browser window.
  • The router’s standard address of configure is
  • Click on Basic on the left hand panel.
  • Enter Open DNS address in Primary DNS Server and Secondary DNS Server fields, then click the Submit button.
  • Just note down the present DNS settings prior changing to Open DNS, if you wish to revisit to the old settings for some reason.
  • Cache Flushing

Once you have configured your DNS settings and clicked the Submit button, we greatly advice that you clear the DNS resolver hoard & web browser hoards to confirm that your latest DNS configuration setting take instant effect.

Configuration Guide Steps

  • Login to the Configuration of Huawei Router webpage by recording the following IP into the URL box:  The login default is:
  • Login; telecomadmin
  • Password; admintelecom
  • Navigating to LAN > DHCP Configuration of Server
  • Checking ‘Enabling basic DHCP server’
  • Checking Enabling DHCP L2 Relay
  • Access the DNS servers:
  • Save

So that you may configure the router for OpenDNS, it is very much suggested that you clean out the DNS resolver hoard & web browser caches to make sure that the latest DNS configuration settings take instant effect. Furthermore, if you have an Active IP address simply read this article that will take you through how to routinely update the active IP address.

  • Just visiting: the recent DNS settings.

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