Reset Your Router to Default Settings

You might wish to Reset Your Router to Default Settings if you cannot remember the admin password, you’ve be unable to remember the wireless network security button, or you’re troubleshooting connectivity concerns.

The below method is not like as restart a modem or router.

Different Router Reset techniques – Hard, Soft, Power Cycling demonstration

Best ways to Reset Routers

Numerous different router reset ways may be used depend on the circumstance. Commonly recommended are hard resets, soft resets and power cycling.

How to Reset Your Router to Default Settings

Hard Resets

A hard resetting is the most severe kind of router reset & is normally used while an admin has failed to recall the keys or password & wishes to start again with new settings.

Hard resetting does not revert or remove the presently-installed router firmware version. To prevent complications of internet connectivity, detach the broadband modem with the router prior doing a hard reset.

To do a hard reset:

  • Switch on the router, turn it to the side which has the Reset key. The Reset key is either on the bottom or back.
  • With somewhat minute & sharp, like a toothpick, held the Reset key for thirty seconds.
  • Free the Reset key & wait for thirty seconds for the router to reset fully & power on again.
  • The substitute way is the hard reset 30-30-30 instruction that involves pushing the Reset key for ninety secs rather than thirty & may be tried if the main30-secondstypedoesn’t works.
  • Several router creators could have an ideal way to reset the router, and other techniques to router reset possibly will vary amongst models.

Power Cycling

Turn off &switch on power of router is known as power cycling. It’s used to regain from problems which causes a router to drop connections for example harm to the unit’s inner memory or hotness. Power cycles don’t remove saved passwords, other settings saved or security keys, with the router dashboard.

To power cycle the router:

  • Switch off the power of the router. Also switch off the Power button or remove the power plug.
  • Remove the battery on battery-powered routers.
  • Many individuals await thirty seconds out of practice; still it’s not needed to wait beyond some seconds between disconnecting & reattaching the router power plug. But with hard resets, to resume operation the router takes time once power is returned.

Soft Resets

While troubleshooting internet connectivity concerns, it may aid to reset the link between the modem & router. This could only include detaching the physical connection amid the two, not controlling the software or stopping power.

  • Compared to more types of resets, soft resets take effect nearly immediately as they don’t need the router to restart.
  • To do a soft reset, disconnect the cable which links the router to the modem, then re-joint after some time. Few routers could have an unusual way to do a soft reset:
  • Search for a Disconnect/Connect key on the dashboard. This resets the link amongst the service provider& the modem.

How to Find Default Router IP?

To configure your router, you will have to login to it. So do that, you should understand its IP address. You may ensure the default router IP address. An IP address has 4 numbers parted with full stops. A local IP address of network will commence with 192.168. Typically Routers include IP addresses such as or Depend on the computer or device, the method you will discover your IP address of router will be diverse. Below are the steps for each.

Firstly, you must explain yourself with these 2 names – “router IP” & “default IP gateway.” The router’s IP functions like an entry between your tools & the broader internet that is why it may even be known as “default IP gateway address.” All tools linked on the similar network convey their demands by default to the router. Diverse tools will differently name it. Windows PCS will name it ‘default gateway’ whereas iOS tools will store the router’s IP address below ‘router.’

Finding the Default Router IP address

After you Find Default Router IP, you may just write it into the web browser’s address bar to entry the routers web interface.


Go to the prompt command by retrieving the search bar & writing ‘cmd’. A window in black appears where you’ll require to write ‘ipconfig’. For the default gateway address browse for results.


Below are the easiest steps to check the router IP:

Press the Apple menu (on the screen top)

Select ‘System First choice

Press the ‘Network‘ sign

Pick the applicable network link

Push the ‘Advanced‘ key

Push the ‘TCP/IP‘ key to spot the IP address on the router right


Firstly, find the way to: Apps > System Tools > Terminal & write ‘ipconfig‘. You will find the router’s IP listed besides ‘inet addr’.

iPhone iOS

If you use iOS8 or iOS9, navigating to Settings > WiFi & press the wireless networks to which you are presently attached. Possibility the DHCP part to discover to the router’s IP.


A third-party app known as Wi-Fi Analyser is the simplest way for Android tools. Following connecting to the app, hit on the ‘View’ menu & select ‘AP list’. You will view ‘linked to: [Networks Name]’. If you hit on it, a window is displayed the network’s info with the router’s IP.

Chrome OS

In the taskbar, press the warning area. Then, press on linked to [Networks Name]’ on the list that emerges. Hit on the name of the wireless networks & next on the ‘Network’ label to show the fallouts with the IP address of router.

Way to Find Default Router IP

To discover the default IP Address of the router just follow the below steps given –

1) of the taskbar Visit the Start menu & input CMD in the search field.

2) after you insert the CMD command, the prompt command with a black display will uncover.

3) Write the command ‘ipconfig’, into the prompt command. This command involves – demonstrate the default IP settings & configuration of the system together with the router linked to it.

Way to detect the IP address router on Windows

  1. Write in Control Panel in the search bar & press on the icon Control Panel;
  2. Press View network rank & tasks under Internet & Network;
  3. Press on the name of Wi-Fi, that you may find near to Connections;
  4. A recent window will arise. Press on Details;
  5. You will find the shared IP address in IPv4 Default Gateway.